About Sharon: Writing Content to Help Your Business Succeed

Hi, I’m Sharon Hurley Hall.

I help small business owners, online entrepreneurs, solo bloggers and group blogs create well-written, well-researched and accurate content – it’s search engine optimized, accurate (fully fact-checked) and always on time.

For me, writing for a living is not just about earning money – though of course I want to get paid. It’s about empowering others to achieve success by passing on the knowledge I gain. It’s about motivating people to discover and use the talents they already have. It’s about finding and sharing the one piece of information that will help the people I work with take the next step along the path to growth.

Vision and Mission

My vision is a world where small business owners have the skills to tell their stories and communicate their purpose in the most appealing and honest way so they can work with the right customers, boost their profits and grow their business.

My mission is to help small business owners, online entrepreneurs, solo bloggers and group blogs grow their authority, profits and business by creating well-written, well-researched and accurate web content.


Here are some recent testimonials (you can see more on LinkedIn):

I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of the work you’re doing. It is refreshing to be working with someone who puts such an enormous amount of effort into creating great content and useful information for our audience. – Ian Lawson, Slickplan/Awmous

Sharon is highly skilled in in-depth research and always gives 100%. Sharon is a true professional, always on time and dependable, and always works with a positive attitude and poise – Keri Engel, Head of Content Marketing, OptinMonster

Honestly I have been immediately impressed by Sharon’s ability to naturally combine premium content with data research and excellent copywriting skills. – Niccolo Grossi, Content Marketing Expert, Fiverr

Hands down, it has been a pleasure working with Sharon. I can’t say enough about her positive energy, and obvious passion in her work. – Erica Franz, Operations Manager, Awesome Motive Inc.

10 Things You Should Know About Sharon Hurley Hall

  1. I have 30+ years of experience writing content professionally – as a journalist, an academic writer, a blogger, a ghost writer and an online copy writer.
  2. love to write, I don’t just do it because I can and I’m good at it – which makes writing the only and obvious choice for my career and business.
  3. I’m fanatical about deadlines (not just strict, but almost obsessive) – I have not missed a deadline in over 25 years.

I also happen to be a natural at the things many business experts might frown upon – these include:

  1. Being a polymath means I can write on just about any topic and excel at it – not really the “niche” approach that’s usually recommended for success.
  2. Being a ghostwriter means I don’t always get visible credit for the work I do – which means I can’t always provide social proof of my expertise and experience.
  3. Being able to write any kind of content you’re looking for rather than specializing in just one thing (like search engine optimized web copy, ebooks or blog posts) which makes me a master of all trades and a jack of none 😉

More about me…

  1. I’m a word nerd, fanatical about grammar, and interested in almost everything – or at least I’m fascinated by learning new things, so there are very few topics that bore me. Just as well!
  2. With my academic background (an MA in Media and another MA in Education) I’m also a great researcher and my journalism skills enable me to triangulate and verify information before using it – skills which are vital to ensure your content is accurate and correct, when it’s so easy for someone to Google anything these days. You can see my formal resume here.
  3. I’m a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition and have been a Reiki practitioner since 2006.
  4. I am active on social media – on Twitter here, on Facebook here and on LinkedIn here – and while the writing I do professionally is fact-based, I enjoy writing creative fiction and poetry purely for myself when (if) I get a spare moment.

If you’re looking for clear, concise content, without the fluff, I’m the writer for you.

Get in touch now to talk about your project and how I can help. And check out the writing services I offer.

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