About Sharon: Fighting Racism One Article/Ebook at a Time

Hi, I’m Sharon Hurley Hall, and I’m on a mission to fight racism, and to help you do the same.Photo of Sharon Hurley Hall

I bring a unique lens to this quest. I’ve lived between the UK and the Caribbean for most of my life, and have spent plenty of time in the US, too. So, where many people only see the sphere they’re operating in, I start out with a global perspective.

I also bring the experience of three decades in the writing business, including 10+ years in journalism (research is my superpower). I’ve written a book, Exploring Shadeism,  about one aspect of racism: colorism, and I publish an anti-racism newsletter to share my perspectives and highlight resources on this crucial issue.

So, if you’re looking for an experienced writer to help you create content that showcases your genuine commitment to anti-racism to your customers and peers, I’m your woman. I’m especially good with in-depth articles, interview-based features, and ebooks. Did I mention that research was my superpower? And deadlines are sacred, which is another legacy of my days in journalism.

Here’s a testimonial from one of my recent clients:

“Sharon brought a unique perspective, sensitivity to the topic and offered her thoughtful feedback on our ideas. With her support we were able to deliver meaningful blogs and social content in support of our DEI efforts. I absolutely recommend Sharon to any teams that are looking for an outstanding writer and thought partner on the topics of DEI” – Debbie Celado, Former Head of Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing, Philips Americas.

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