About Sharon: Fighting For Equality and Against Racism

Hi, I’m Sharon Hurley Hall, and I’m on a mission to fight racism, and to create equality for all.Photo of Sharon Hurley Hall

I bring a unique lens to this quest. I’ve lived between the UK and the Caribbean for most of my life, and have spent plenty of time in the US, too. So, where many people only see the sphere they’re operating in, I start out with a global perspective. My latest book, I’m Tired of Racism, showcases this perspective, as does my anti-racism newsletter , which now has 3500+ subscribers. My previous book, Exploring Shadeism,  deals with one aspect of racism: colorism.

I also work towards equality as Co-Founder and Equality Lead of Mission Equality, where we aim to decolonise education, leadership and business by teaching Master of Equality programs (‘equality’ MBAs) at the Equaliversity, to develop the leaders we need for an equal future, today. And I’m an educator and public speaker on topics of equality, anti-racism, diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and more.

Underlying everything is the experience of three decades in the writing business, including 10+ years in journalism (research is my superpower), and several years as an educator. Though I no longer accept many freelance writing projects, it’s a skill that serves me well in everything else I do.

Here’s a testimonial from my co-founder for my work at our previous company:

“When we were looking for a DEB Team Lead for Omnis, Sharon was top of my list. She has not disappointed and has worked tirelessly and with unyielding compassion to ensure the company operated in alignment with its commitment to diversity, equity, belonging and anti-racism. Sharon has been a safe, steady and guiding presence for all team members working towards anti-racism and diversity of all kinds and has grown as a leader/manager, month on month. Sharon remains at the very top of my list of DEIB professionals to work with and I’m grateful to be working with her on my next venture.” – Lea Jovy-Ford, Co-Founder, Mission Equality

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