A Place Of Honey – Mount Coot-tha

Here’s a travel piece that I never used. It’s about an attraction in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

If you’re looking for something to see when you visit Brisbane, Queensland, then look no further than Mount Coot-tha. This mountain, which has given its name to the suburb that surrounds it, rises 287 meters above sea level. You can see it from most parts of Brisbane, and it’s a distinctive feature of the city’s landscape. Mount Coot-tha is about seven kilometers west of the city centre and is part of the Taylor mountain range. At its base is a 220 hectare nature reserve of the same name, as well as the 52 hectare Brisbane Botanic Gardens. Mount Coot-tha makes a great day out for anyone visiting this bustling city.


Mount Coot-tha was once home to the Turrbal Aboriginal people who occupied this part of Australia for tens of thousands of years before European settlement. Some time after settlement the summit was cleared, leaving a single eucalpyt tree. This gave rise to the name One Tree Hill, which remained in force until 1880, when the area became a public recreation reserve. The name Coot-tha (also known as Kuta) comes from name given to the area by the Aboriginal inhabitants. This was an area where the Aboriginal people collected honey from the stingless bee which is native to the area. Coot-tha means ‘place of wild honey’.


Getting to Mount Cooth-tha is as simple as catching a bus. There are regular buses from the corner of Adelaide and Albert Streets, and there’s a daily City Heights tour in the afternoons. Once you get there, you’ll see why this mountain is a must-see. The lookout gives you a panoramic view of most of Brisbane – you’ll never get a better chance to see how the city flows around the 214 mile long Brisbane River. On a clear day you can see as far as Moreton Bay in the east and the Glasshouse Mountains in the west.

There are equally great views from many of the walking trails that cover the area. These vary in difficulty, so make sure you’re ready for an uphill walk. Check out the Aboriginal art trail to see stunning examples of rock paintings and tree carvings. Before you head down the mountain, check out the gifts available in the Kuta gift shop or relax with an ice cream in the café. The Summit Restaurant provides fine dining.

Back at the base, there’s still more to see. The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, which opened in 1978, includes a planetarium theatre and an observatory. And don’t forget to check out the Botanic Gardens, the best subtropical botanic gardens in Queensland. When you visit you can go for a wander, or benefit from a guided walk to learn about the plants. See bonsai, cacti, ferns, herbs and much more. Explore the rainforest or relax in the bamboo grove. It’s the best that nature can offer, and it’s at Mount Coot-tha.

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