3 Key Tips on Landing Page Optimization [Infographic]

Think about all the landing pages that you’ve visited in your lifetime, whether they’re B2B or B2C. The best of them, of course, get you to do something and maybe get you to do something without you even really registering that you’ve completed an action.

For example, you might feel the need to click on some big news on the landing page. Or you might enter in an email to receive a special offer or communication. Either way, you’ve done what that company wants you to do — you’ve taken action and you’ve converted.

This, of course, shows how a landing page can best be used in order to optimize lead generation. By putting some processes in place on your landing page, you can better capture information about the people, their actions, and pieces of your landing page, too. Want more insights and tips to follow? Check out the ideas in this infographic from Salesforce.

3 Key Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Page for Lead Generation

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